• Basic English Program
  • Advanced English Program
  • Excellent Grammar
  • Corporate English
  • Personality development and dining etiquettes
  • Public speaking.

Our courses cover a complete range of English language. We have categorized our courses as per the requirement of learners from afferent backgrounds

1. Basic English Program is for the students who do not know how to read and write English.

2. Advanced English Program is for the trainees who are grammatically moderate and want to be fluent in the language.

3. In Excellent grammar we target those students who want to improve their grammar or preparing for any competitive exam.

4. In corporate English we provide Professional English sessions incorporated with the words and sentences mostly used in corporate.

5. Apart from it our other courses incorporate various activities and sessions.
Thus, the research advisor has primary responsibility for guiding the student in the conduct of the study and in pay essay writing the preparation of the t/d document.